About Us

DL Smith Electric is a full-service electrical service and construction company.  We were founded in 1972 by DL Smith.  Our main office is located in Topeka, however we work regionally in the area of in commercial and industrial markets.   We perform a wide variety of electrical construction and renovation projects.  Our majority of work is generated from the industrial and commercial construction environment.  We have a large service contracting department that performs an extensive amount of residential and business renovations and repairs.  To maintain an effective service department, we integrate emergency response service work within our business to facilitate quick and timely response to our customers.  We perform a sizable amount of industrial installations for our customers, many times working on scheduled maintenance and shutdowns. 

Our management philosophy is standardization and tight cost controls, combined with accountability and pro-active planning.  Our goals are providing a safe, inspiring workplace for our employees to grow and learn.  By requiring everyone in our firm to use these standardized methods of working, from field to office personnel, we ensure our projects are estimated and managed in the least costly and most productive manner, thereby creating the best “value” for our customer.  And that is the one thing we strive to deliver: value.

In 1972, DL Smith Electric was created when DL bought a small one-man electrical contracting firm, Noller Electric located at 1935 ½ Gage.
DL Smith Electric has consistently provided a safe work environment for their employees.  We have an industry-leading safety record and drug-free workplace policy, to ensure both our employees and customers are well taken care of.
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